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VREW is a video editing program, powered by AI technology.Edit and caption your videos with speech recognition.

Fast and accurate speech recognition
VREW extracts audio from a video then recognizes the speech.Edit videos using text created by latest speech recognition.
Edit video like a document.
Have you ever had to watch the same part of the video over and over again for editing?VREW changes your videos from a 1D timeline, into text in 2D space.View video content at a glance and edit it as easily as text document.
Cutting video
Video editing with Enter and Backspace key.Cut and paste the part of the video separated into words.
Try cutting video separated into words
Generating Captions - One Click Away!
Stop listening and writing down the audio for captions.With just one click, captions are generated!Fast and comfortable captioning with AI Technology.Use captions to make your video more comprehensive.
Auto Captions Generation
VREW automatically generates captions by dividing the speech recognition result into sentences.Also automatically matches the start and end time of captions!
Create captions however you like, with background, border and shadow!
Try generating captions automatically
Easiest way to keep short breaths
Easiest way to create a fast-paced cuts. No more cutting speechless sections one by one.You can shorten the length of breath at once and create a fast-paced video.

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